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675 1st St W - Havre, Montana
Mo – Fri 4–9 | Sat – Sun 2–9

Our Story

We make beer!

Welcome to Triple Dog Brewing, a small craft brewery nestled in Montana's Hi-Line gem, Havre. Born out of a passion for quality beer and a love for the rugged beauty of our surroundings, we take pride in handcrafting unique and flavorful brews that capture the spirit of our home.

At Triple Dog, we blend traditional brewing techniques with a touch of Montana magic to produce a diverse range of beers that cater to every palate. Whether you're a seasoned beer enthusiast or a casual sipper, join us in raising a glass to the art of brewing and the untamed beauty that inspires it.

Michael Garrity, Brewmaster & Owner

Origin Story

Mike has been brewing beer since he was 19. What began in his garage has developed into a full-fledged operation housed in the new home of Triple Dog Brewery. He said he knew he wanted to open a brewery when he was 21, when him and his Wife Erin visited Kettle House Brewing Company in Missoula. The atmosphere and the style of the taproom, mixed with his own passion for brewing, inspired him to found his own. When asked why they decided to open a brewery, Erin said "we love beer."